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How It Works

Our INeedzHelp process is designed to be simple and effective, so that you can start receiving feedback and making changes to your online dating profile in no time!

Here’s how it all works:
  1. You submit your request to have your online dating profile reviewed.

  2. You select how many reviews you would like to have completed, the type of reviewers and the questions you want answered.

  3. A notification is then sent to our reviewers who match your request criteria.

  4. They will then carefully review your online dating profile and provide thoughtful responses to the questions you’ve selected.

  5. You will receive notification emails as the responses are received. You can then login to INeedzHelp and view these responses.

  6. Once all responses have been received for your review request you have the ability to rate each of the individual responses.

Why rate the responses you receive?

We wanted to ensure you, our customer, receive the highest quality responses possible. To achieve this we base each reviewer’s payment on the ratings you provide us. The best-rated response receives the highest payment and the least-rated response receives lowest payment.

You are in complete control!

All we ask is that you rate the responses fairly i.e. someone may give you a less than favorable response, but it is honest and insightful. It therefore shouldn’t automatically be rated less than someone who gave you a glowing response.

Note: you have seven days after you receive the final response to provide your ratings, otherwise payments are evenly distributed amongst the reviewers.